Economical Ice Cream Chest Freezer with Low-E Curved Glass Door

Upgrade your ice cream storage with our top-of-the-line Economical Ice Cream Chest Freezer, featuring a Low-E curved glass door for maximum visibility and energy efficiency.



The Low-E Curved Tempered Glass is for low temperatures, and With Low-E glass installed, you can eliminate moisture buildup on the glass surface, ensuring your products remain visible and attractive. It’s also perfect for a Chest Freezer, Deep Body Refrigerator, and other cabinets or freezers.


From the Sheet Glass entering our factory, we have strict QC and inspection in every processing, including Glass Cutting, Glass Polishing, Silk Printing, Tempering, Insulating, Assembly, etc. We have all the necessary inspection records to track each piece of our deliveries.


Until now, the delivery of these kinds of Chest Freezer Glass Lids Top and Frames has received more positive feedback from our customers. You can always count on us on these Glass Lids and Frames.


Key Features


Low-E Curved Tempered Glass

Fixed PVC Frame and Customized Length

Curved Version, Flat version can be customized

Added-on Handle




Net Capacity (L)

Net Dimension W*D*H (mm)


















Elevate your ice cream storage experience with our Economical Ice Cream Chest Freezer Sliding Curved Glass Top. The innovative Low-E Curved Tempered Glass door is designed for low temperatures, ensuring minimal moisture buildup and optimal product visibility. Say goodbye to foggy glass surfaces and hello to a clear view of your delicious ice cream selection. With its sleek design and energy-saving features, this chest freezer is the perfect addition to any ice cream shop or restaurant looking to showcase their frozen treats in style.At Kinginglass, we understand the importance of maintaining the quality and presentation of your products. That's why our Economical Ice Cream Chest Freezer is equipped with a Low-E glass door to keep your ice cream looking fresh and enticing. Whether you're storing traditional classics or unique flavors, this chest freezer is the ideal solution for preserving the taste and texture of your frozen delights. Upgrade your ice cream storage today with our innovative and reliable chest freezer, guaranteed to enhance the visual appeal of your products while keeping them at the perfect serving temperature.

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